How to Install WordPress for Your New Website at Bluehost (6 Easy Steps)

how to install wordpress


WordPress is the internationally known blogging software used by majority industries around the world for creating content on the fly. It is a (CMS) or content management system that requires little to no computer programming skills.

Today, I will guide you on how to install WordPress to your website. Afterwords, you will have the ability to create and publish several pieces of content. First and foremost, you must pick a package plan to host your website from Bluehost, click here right now.

After you have chosen a plan, follow the simple directions below to install WordPress software. The steps are easy and takes no longer than 5 – 10 minutes, enjoy.

Here is how to install WordPress:

1. Log in to your account. homepage

Once you have chosen a plan, Go to and click the link that says “log in” located at the top right corner. Have your username/domain and password handy to get access to your account.


2. On Cpanel, scroll down to the section that says, “Services”, press the “Install WordPress” tab.

cpanel dashboard on bluehost

There are several website builders available for upload to your website, one of the best is course WordPress. Simply click on the appointed link that says “install wordpress” to move forward with the uploading process.


3. Choose your domain with or without “www”, create a directory name (optional).

select your domain on bluehost wordpress installation

Choose a domain of your choice. If you are a new user at Bluehost, the only listed option would be the free domain you have created with the plan you chose when becoming a member.


4. After the install is complete, create a site name or title, username, and password. Okay, press “Next”.

admin information

The text fields on this page will be auto-filled with the site title, email, username, and a long auto-generated password. Change these fields with your own details, especially your username and password.

It’s very important to create a password that you can remember, I also recommend you mix it up with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and odd characters(!@#$%^&*()-_=+) to avoid a security breach.

These details can be edited with your blog’s dashboard on the settings menu anytime you desire to change them. Go to “Next” after you are done. The installation process will take 30 seconds.

On the top of the screen you’ll see “Installation Complete“, press the link that says “here”.


5. Under “Installation Details”, click on domain.

wordpress installation

Installation will complete in seconds, afterwords, click on your URL under the phrase “domain”. Doing so will open the login page.

Reminder: In order to log in and get access inside your blog to make post, you must enter your username/email and password. The following extension is required to reach your WordPress log in page, add “/wp-admin”.

The extension must be added at the end of your url.

For Example: “”. Notice “/wp-admin” attached on the end.


6. Next, type in your username/email and password. Now, press log in.

wordpress log in form

Have your log in details ready for use. Forgot your password? Simply press, “lost your password”. An email will be sent for confirmation to change and retrieve a brand new password. After you get access to your blog’s dashboard, you may began blogging.

Hopefully, you’ve made it this far and realized that installing WordPress was not a difficult task. Congratulations, you’ve installed a new blog! You are now ready to learn how to blog start a blog off properly and manage it well.

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